Private Kung Fu - and Tai Chi Instruction
Brigette "Jet" Oman
Beijing, China, 2007
I have studied martial arts, specifically Southern Shaolin Kung Fu for over nine years now. I started my training in 2005 at The Mountain Institute for Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Frazier Park, CA. 

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Kung fu
A video of my school put together in honor of my teachers receiving their 8th Degrees!
In August of 2007 The Mountain Institute was invited to the Beijing International martial arts tournament, hosted by the Beijing Wushu Institute, in Beijing China. Over thirty countries were in attendance.

China competition prep. Self-defense
 During my time with The Mountain Institute I specialized in teaching children ages six and up. Although I also spent numerous hours training with and teaching adults as well.

In 2009 I enlisted in the United States Air Force where I Was employed for 6 years.  I started Private Kung Fu so I could do more of what I enjoy; which is training others this wonderful arts of self-defense, meditation and fitness.


I currently teach in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico.

One can train anywhere with enough space. A park, driveway, front yard, even a living room, are all perfect locations. Locations can be discussed based on what is most convenient for all involved.

Don't forget to share Private Kung Fu with your friends, especially those in Santa Fe New Mexico!
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